Best Customer Service

Negotiation and Consultation

Each sale or purchase of a helicopter or airplane is grounded by negotiation between seller and buyer. Take advantage of our experiences in creating purchase price, contract arrangement and purchase execution to arrange the most possible outcome with lowest risk for yourself.

There are a lot of inviting offers on the market existing, which could be very risky at the end.

Trust our many achievements that we reached for our clients by hard but fair negotiations in the past years.

If you are not sure, what type of aircraft meets your individual conceivabilities we are able to advise you in this matter also. It is not only important how many people the aircraft is able to carry or what is the endurance, also questions about alternate disposal, about certification and maintenance workload could be very important.

With highest confidentially we will turn your wishes and ideas into serious offers and proposals.

Best Customer Service

If you are decide to purchase an aircraft or like to sell your aircraft and you have not enough time for all the necessary details, we will provide full service from your individual idea until the registered helicopter or airplane. You will get reports in all stages of the project from us and will be able to take your influence at any time.

We like to work together with your named trusty person to provide you with your best convenient feeling.

We are all the time on your side to turn your dream from flying with your own aircraft into reality.

Pre purchase Inspection

A successful pre purchase inspection is a basic part of each purchase of an aircraft. Our certified and experienced helicopter and airplane engineers are able to provide this service in a cost effective manner at any place of the world, and assist you with high level of expertise to meet your high standard.

We will not only report technical issues which could result in trouble in the future, we will also analyze the complete documentation to make sure there will be no problems during certification and registration process.

Do not trust in nice prospects and lot of promises, a competent pre purchase inspection will prevent you from high financial risks.

Escrow Service and Financing

As soon as you have closed the purchase contract the purchase procedure will follow. Very sensible aspects like transfer of ownership, transfer of risk as well as transfer of purchase amount have to be arranged without any ventures either for the seller as for the buyer. The most of the deals in aviation business will be closed by help of escrow agents.

The Aero Sales GmbH are glad to assist you to find the right escrow service.

If you need to use financing service, we are able to supply with all related information that you will conduct effective negotiations with your financing bank.

Import and Export

All countries in the world have its own import- and export rules, which are affect also aircrafts and aviation products. If you are not able to accumulate all essential information by yourself, we will provide you with this knowledge.

At your decision we will provide also with all measures for professional disassembling, packing and loading as well as insured transportation. An appropriate freight forwarder and the way of transportation is not only a question of time and cost. If there are missing important customs papers will create a lot of trouble.

Ferry and Transportation Services

If your aircraft should be ferried to the new location on its own wings, Aero Sales GmbH are able to provide this service with experienced pilots for helicopter and fixed wings on a cost effective matter. You tell us where the aircraft is located and to which destination it should ferry, we do the rest.

Of course you are more than welcome to attend to this journey and profit from the joy and experience. With impressive pictures you will report from this trip to all of your friends.

Helicopterleasing and Charterservice

Our company own helicopter we offer for long term charter contracts. In this case we comply with your specific requirements. For prices and conditions, we will provide with our individual offer to you.

Other options like hire-purchase or leasing are possible as well. Talk to us we will find a good solution.