Your partner for trade of helicopters and airplanes

The Aero Sales GmbH-located at the airport Kassel/Calden in the middle of germany- is specialized for all issues affected by trade of helicopters and airplanes. The Aero Sales GmbH is a known name in the world of aviation. With experience over ten years at the international market of aviation, we are glad to satisfy your special needs.

If you are thinking about purchase an helicopter or fixed wing, or you want to realize your dream of flying, talk to us. Even if you look for a Helicopter for beginners or for professional passenger transport or aerial work: Aero Sales GmbH will find the right solution.

We not only assist in purchase a helicopter or fixed wing, we will also support you in all questions regarding selling your own helicopter or fixed wing. With our experience in the international network of aviation we will find a way to solve your expectation.

We are specialized in helicopter of the following manufacturers:

  • Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters)
  • Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Robinson Helicopter
  • Sikorsky

If you are searching for spare parts from these manufacturer, we will assist you in that matter as well.

Aero Sales GmbH also owned helicopter himself, which we are rent or lease to operators and flying schools.

Our mean competence around the business in aviation is reliability and confidentiality. In a short time and with efficient cost, we will provide with solutions which exceed your perceptions.